Donald Trump will meet Kim Jong Un again in mid 2019


US. President Donald Trump said on Saturday he is probably going to meet North Korean pioneer Kim Jong Un in January or February and that three locales for their second gathering are under thought.

“We’re getting along exceptionally well. We have a decent relationship,” Trump told journalists on board Air Force One on his arrival from a G20 summit in Argentina.

Trump included that sooner or later he will welcome Kim to the United States.

The opposite sides have been occupied with chats on the pioneers’ second gathering after the main, uncommon, one in Singapore in June, Reuters announced in October, refering to a senior authority.

The White House said in an announcement on Saturday after Trump’s gathering with Chinese President Xi Jinping that they and Kim will endeavor “to see an atomic free Korean Peninsula.”

The announcement said Xi and Trump “concurred that incredible advancement has been made regarding North Korea.”

A month ago, Vice President Mike Pence said Trump would push for a solid arrangement delineating Pyongyang’s moves to end its arms programs.

Pence disclosed to NBC News a month ago the United States would not expect Pyongyang to give an entire rundown of atomic weapons and areas before the second summit, however that the gathering must deliver a solid arrangement.

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