Pak shared with India a list of its nuclear installations as per the provisions of a bilateral agreement

Pakistan on Tuesday imparted to India a rundown of its atomic establishments and offices according to the arrangements of a respective assention.

The rundown was given over as per Article-II of the Agreement on Prohibition of Attacks Against Nuclear Installations and Facilities among Pakistan and India, marked on December 31, 1988, the Foreign Office (FO) said in an announcement here.

“The rundown of atomic establishments and offices in Pakistan was formally given over to a delegate of the Indian High Commission at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, at 1000 hrs (nearby time),” it said.

The understanding, which was marked on December 31, 1988 and went into power on January 27, 1991, gives, bury alia, that the two nations advise each other of atomic establishments and offices to be secured under the concurrence on the first of January of each logbook year.

Service of External Affairs in New Delhi gave over the rundown of Indian Nuclear Installations and Facilities to an agent of the High Commission of Pakistan at 1030 hrs (neighborhood time), the FO said.

“This has been done continuously since January 1, 1992,” the FO said.

The act of trading arrangements of atomic establishment has continued in spite of many low in two-sided ties.